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Friday, 7 September 2012

Gluten Free: Bath

I have to say Bath surprised me, at first sight it appeared to be a gluten free unfriendly city but on closer look its very gluten free friendly.. if you know where to go!!

So I'm going to tell you!

1. Roscoff Deli

18 Northumberland Place

Does THE most amazing gluten free sandwiches I have ever tasted! They get their bread from a local bakery and it's scrummy!

The best for gluten free bread and cakes - I had the Sicilian Lemon Cake - amazing!! They also have lots of gluten free mains too.

And not only is the food fab, but the staff are super friendly, especially the owner who is more than happy to help out and advise!

One of my favourite food places I've ever been to, a great experience all round, I just wish I worked down the road so I could get my lunch from there!

2. Whole Bagel

Another place in Bath offering yummy gluten free sandwiches with a huge choice!

3. Tea Monkey

Offers lots of gluten free cakes


 The Roman Baths
Abbey Church Yard

5. Salathai - Thai Restaurant

 14-15 Pierrepont Street
BA1 1LA 

A lovely family run thai restaurant near the station with the BEST authentic thai food. I had the See Krong Moo (Spare ribs cooked in a home-made Thai style barbeque sauce) and Phad Thai with pork (thin rice noodles stir fried with egg and seasonal vegetables in a Thai style “Phad Thai” sauce). Absolutely scrumptious food.

The staff couldnt have been nicer and more helpful either and knew all about their ingredients and what was gluten free or not.

All the cafes/restaurants mentioned are a must visit in my opinion!!

We also ate at Las Iguanas.


  1. Thanks so much for this. Almost 4 years after your original post we just had a family GF cake fest at Roscoffs which is now renamed Rosarios. Amazing place!